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Coming Soon – Clean Billionaire Romance Reads!

I can’t wait to share A new series with you. It’s called “Clean Billionaire Romance Reads” and the first book will be coming in early 2019.

This is going to be fun!

   The first book will feature John Callahan and a woman that will challenge him in more ways than one. Natalie Ross is stubborn, smart, and strong. She’s not afraid to stand up to a man of extraordinary wealth, but that doesn’t mean her ways are embraced or appreciated by his family. They’re not fond of outsiders, and Natalie is certainly not one of them.

   Can she break through John’s thick walls and make a difference in his world? Maybe it’s not John she’s trying to reach…

   Can he convince her that there’s more to him than a fat bank account?

This story tangles secrets, trauma, and so much more, like a twisty ball of yarn.

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The first in the “Clean billionaire Romance Reads” series is “The Unscrupulous Billionaire’s Bride”

(Coming in Early 2019)

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