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Angie’s career is over. 

She’s crashed and burned, her health is deteriorating, and she has no idea what the future holds. After twelve years of playing the same role on a popular TV series, her career has fizzled. Her Q-Rating is down, her looks are fading, and a brain tumor has left her future uncertain.

Bryson’s personal life is as empty as the home he lives in.

Lost and alone, billionaire Bryson Kingston is surrounded by teams of people. He owns a successful business and lives in an impressive mansion, yet his heart is hard as stone. He’s convinced there’s something inherently wrong with him. Nobody ever sticks around–his parents are gone, and his sister keeps running away. When Angie stumbles into his life, he makes the mistake of letting her into his heart. 

One is afraid of commitment. One is afraid of being alone. Can they heal one another to find their happily ever after? Or will Angie run away before Bryson can convince her to stay?