About Me

Kim Koby is a writer from New Jersey. She loves to weave  tales of love and renewal.  Quirky, fun, and lighthearted storytelling is her specialty.

Kim’s books share traditional family values. Her focus is on small towns and sweet, clean romance that comfortably allows you to recommend a book you’ve read to your daughter or grandmother.

The heat level of Kim’s books is mild with a couple of tender kisses. Anything beyond that is left out of the book or behind closed doors. You also won’t find any foul language or violence.

There’s also usually a dog or cat in each story, since animals have always played an important role in Kim’s family.

Speaking of family, Kim is happily married to a loving and patient man who laughs at her silly jokes and loves her just as she is. She has two grown boys and two small dogs.

Being able to share her stories with you is a dream come true.